A Look At Alaska Car Insurance

Alaska car insurance is pretty straightforward. Perched as it is on the western edge of Canada, just across the Bering Straits from Russia, Alaska may seem like an exotic far away land, even to most Americans. In addition, Alaska is host every year to millions of visitors from all over the world. Some come for short visits. But many come for extended stays for Alaska is a big place which invites exploration. It's no surprise that Alaska drivers are as diverse as any in the world.

Simply put, Alaska car insurance is required along with proof of that car insurance. Alaska's combined mandatory car insurance and financial responsibility laws work together to assure financial protection for drivers and property owners with many needs. Here's how it works.

The State requires minimum coverages in two areas: Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability. Alaska state law has established the minimum required amount for the injury or death of one person at $50,000.00. For total injuries or death per collision the minimum required is $100,000.00. For property damages $25,000.00 is the minimum coverage amount required.

Drivers and vehicle owners are required to have Alaska car insurance in effect on their vehicles before they begin driving in the state. However, drivers and owners are not limited to these amounts. They may opt to purchase increased amounts of coverage as they deem necessary. In addition to the mandatory liability car insurance, comprehensive coverage is available. This covers most types of accidents which do not include collisions with other cars, such as sliding off a slippery road or hitting a wild animal. Comprehensive coverage can offer some protection from thieves as well as storm damage. Many lenders will require that new owners carry some form of comprehensive coverage as well as liability insurance.

Alaska law also requires that drivers have in their possession (while driving their car) a copy of their car insurance policy or their insurance identification card. These documents, along with a current driver's license, are subject to inspection by police officers or any other duly authorized representative of the Alaska Department of Public Safety.

In case of a collision in which someone is hurt or killed, or property is damaged for more than $501.00, drivers are required to submit this proof of insurance regardless of whose fault it is. A Certificate of Insurance form may also be obtained from the responding police officer. Drivers who are unable to provide proof of car insurance will face suspension of their driving privileges, again, regardless of who was at fault.

Alaska car insurance laws apply equally to all drivers whether they are male or female and regardless of age. Teenage drivers are also required to carry proof of insurance even though they may be covered under their parents' policy.

In the case of Alaska's rugged back country or bush country; these laws pertain to all of Alaska's public road system, by-ways, trails and public properties. So whether its a matter of a daily commute or once in a life time adventure, Alaska car insurance is available to protect drivers and their vehicles.

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