California Car Insurance Is Mandatory

When you're in the Sunshine state you will find that California car insurance is mandatory. In fact, you can't be on the roads unless you have at least liability insurance no matter where your vehicle is from. This is to protect everyone on the road, not just those who usually have insurance.

You'll also find your registration tabs revoked if you don't pay your premium as you must have insurance to get your tabs and keep them throughout the year. You can find coverage quotes easily buy shopping on the websites that offer CA insurance.

If you don't have it, there's a good chance that you'll be caught. In fact, the DMV has access to the records from most insurance carriers, meaning they just need to run your license plate to know if you have it or not. In this way, they've been able to make sure everyone has enough coverage to protect everyone else if they are found at fault.

California law states that you must have at the minimum of 15,000 injury or death for a single person, 30,000 for death or injury for more than one, and 5,000 for any property damage done in a single incident. Of course, if you have more to lose in your life it might be wise to increase these values. They are set low to make it affordable but if you're found at fault and have assets available you may be sued for more than the minimum.

When you go to register your vehicle in California you'll have to prove that you have current coverage. This means you'll need to take the information in at least once a year when you get your registration tabs. If the vehicle is registered in another state, you'll have to have proof of your coverage if you get pulled over for any reason.

The DMV is attached to most insurance carriers, and this means should you not pay for your premium at any time, they, by law, have to notify the DMV that you no longer are current and that your coverage has been cancelled. This means that your registration tabs will be cancelled and your car or truck is no longer current on their tabs and you're illegal while on any public road or property in the state.

While it may seem a bit much according to other states, it really does help. There are so many vehicles and accidents in CA because of the amount of cars on the road that it just made sense. Also, because of the heavy traffic there road work is a continual process and part of the money from tabs goes to that fund.

In order to drive on the road in California you must have CA car insurance, and even if you're from another state, you need to provide proof of coverage if you are asked. Make sure you're ready to renew your tabs every year with current California car insurance information, then, make sure you pay your premiums on time.

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