Georgia Car Insurance Is No Joke

All vehicles registered in the state are required to have Georgia car insurance maintained on them. Vehicle owners must be able to show prove they will be financially responsible for any bills or expenses caused during the operation of their car. This means everyone needs to purchase and maintain Georgia car insurance.

Minimum Requirements

The Motor Vehicle Department in Georgia has determined minimum requirements that must be in place on registered vehicles at all times. They have also determined which types of Georgia car insurance coverage are needed. The minimum requirements of the state are: $25,000 per person for bodily injury to any one person, $50,000 per accident for bodily injury to more than one person and $25,000 per accident for any property damage.

If a motorist is still paying the loan for their car, the lending institution will most likely require they carry personal property damage liability. The minimum liability requirements do not cover the driver found to be at fault or their property. The lien-holder needs to know that the car remains worth what is still owed on it.

Georgia car insurance regulations do offer vehicle owners the option of setting up self-insurance with the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner. They will be required to make a large deposit into an escrow account that can only be used to pay off expenses for a car accident. Usually the other person's insurance company will request the funds.

Financial Responsibility

The easiest way to prove financial responsibility is with a Georgia car insurance policy. Insurance companies issue cards that are to be kept in the vehicle at all times. This card must be shown to police officers when stopped for a traffic violation, or at the scene of an accident. The card is not all the proof needed for the MVD though. Insurance companies have to electronically transmit the Georgia car insurance information to them. Any time there is a lapse or cancellation of the policy, the owner will be charged fines and face additional penalties.

Georgia Car Insurance Fines and Penalties

If a car owner misses an installment payment, cancels their Georgia car insurance policy without procuring a new one, or has a direct withdrawal declined by the bank, they will find themselves facing penalties. The vehicle's registration will be suspended for 6 months on the first offense, and longer on subsequent offenses. A fine of $25 for the lapse and reinstatement fee of up to $160 to have the vehicle registered. If they are caught by a police officer before rectifying the situation they will be charged with a misdemeanor, have fines for that and get points on their driving record that could result in higher insurance rates. Before letting a premium payment lapse, compare different rates from different Georgia car insurance companies.

If you find you may miss a premium installment for your policy, look around and compare rates. Changing companies may seem like a lot of trouble, but it is not near the trouble you will find yourself in if you let your Georgia car insurance lapse.

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