Home Insurance

Our homes are more than bricks and concrete, they are where we create our family memories and cherish our loved ones. Over the years we accumulate many items, both valuable and not so valuable, yet it is some of these not so valuable items that are our most cherished possessions because they mean something to us and reflect a part of our family that could never be replaced.

Have a look around just one room of your home and write down all of the things that you see. You might be surprised to find that you have a very long list, and that is from just one room of your home!

When you think about home insurance you need to think about:

  • Replacement costs for every item within your home
  • Rebuilding costs including less obvious items like doors, window frames, glass and paint
  • Costs of replacement flooring, curtains and blinds
  • Kitchen and laundry appliances
  • Entertainment items within your home including all electronics, televisions and computers
  • Cost of clothing and shoes for all family members
  • Linen and bedding
  • Replacement costs of all furniture including dining tables, beds, desks, lounges, chairs
  • Replacement cost of all jewelry items

Basically the list could go on forever, so it is up to you to determine the value of these items and the total amount of money it would take to replace each piece if your home and contents were ever destroyed.

Many people underinsure their homes and the content that lies within. Sometimes this is because they are safe and secure believing that nothing will ever happen to their home and therefore they would rather underinsure than pay higher premiums for events that they feel will never happen. This can lead to extreme sorrow and disappointment in the event that something does happen.

Insurance can easily be tailor made to suit your individual circumstances today, so you can easily organize a policy that will cover your home and the contents within. Never just take a guess at what you think your home and contents are worth, break it down and assess your home and items very carefully. If you shop around for your insurance policy you will also be surprised to find that premiums are not as high as you would have imagined.

This is why Insurance90 is here to help. The professional team at Insurance90 understands that organizing insurance is something most people would rather leave to someone else. Insurance90 offers a wide selection of insurance providers with a range of suitable policies that can be altered to suit your individual situation.

Let Insurance90 help you find the best provider for the lowest premiums through matching you with some reputable companies providing obligation free quotes. Use these quotes to determine the right policy for you so that your home and valuables are protected, and most importantly, fully covered in the event of a disaster, theft or damage.