How To Find Affordable Illinois Car Insurance

With the modern technology of today, it's quite easy to find affordable Illinois car insurance. Once you determine the level of coverage you need, you can then evaluate several companies online or over the telephone before making your final decision. You'll obviously want to find the best coverage, the best customer service, and the best rate available for your situation.

Auto insurance is relatively cheap in Illinois compared to many other states so chances are good that you will find the right coverage at a reasonable price no matter what your driving record might be. Rates are determined by the amount of miles you drive and your driving record but your age, the age of your vehicle, and your credit standing can also influence your Illinois car insurance rates.

Most agents will suggest that you carry $100,000 or more in liability coverage and also collision and comprehensive protection to make sure you are covered regardless of who's responsible for the damages. If this seems overly expensive you should at least be aware of the minimum amounts required by state law.

A minimum coverage of $20,000 for Bodily Injury Liability per injured person up to a maximum of $40,000 per accident is mandatory with your Illinois car insurance policy. The minimum requirement for Property Damage Liability coverage is $15,000. This is generally referred to as 20/40/15 coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage is optional, but you will have to waive the coverage in writing.

Although a minimum Personal Injury Protection (PIP) level is not required, you should consider this coverage to help pay for medical expenses for you and your passengers. Other optional items that are available with Illinois car insurance include rental car coverage and roadside assistance. These are nice to have and are typically very affordable.

Illinois car insurance is based on what's called a Tort system. Under this system, someone is found at fault in any car accident and whoever is determined to be at fault will be accountable for the damages. Always keep this in mind when deciding whether or not the minimum coverage levels are going to be adequate for your protection.

Any level of Illinois car insurance coverage is available with different deductible amounts. Higher deductibles result in lower premiums but be advised that you'll have to pay more out of your own pocket before you can submit a claim.

Don't make your final Illinois car insurance decision based solely on rates. There are any number of companies that offer great rates, but are only able to do so because they skimp on customer service. When you have been in an accident, you want a company that will respond to your claim quickly and fairly.

Look for Illinois car insurance providers with a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designation. This designation is respected throughout the industry and identifies the holder as a dedicated and knowledgeable professional. Agents, brokers, claim adjusters and risk managers may become CPCUs as well as many attorneys, consultants and educators.

It's important to shop for the best rates and also understand your coverage and customer service requirements. Once you learn everything you can, you will be an educated consumer who knows all the tricks to finding affordable Illinois car insurance.

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