Information On Kansas Car Insurance

Every driver in Kansas must carry motor vehicle insurance. In Kansas, car insurance is imperative. It is important to note that Kansas is a no fault insurance state. This means that even if it is not the drivers fault, if there is an accident, the drivers insurance must still make payments. Also, all drivers must show proof of insurance for new registration on a vehicle or to renew registration.

Drivers do have the option to choose to opt out of insurance. You can self insure yourself if you have got the funds and report to the Kansas Insurance Department or you can opt out of personal injury insurance or uninsured/underinsured coverage. The minimums in this article are recommended.

Kansas minimum requirements are 25/50/10 for liability. Minimum recommended personal injury protection breaks down to $4500 per person for medical expenses, $900/month for loss of income, $25/day for any in home services for up to one year, $2000 for death expenses like funeral, burial, etc. And $4500 for any rehab expenses. Kansas also has minimum recommended uninsured/underinsured policy coverage of 25/50. These are the state minimums, however, there are no state maximums.

The first two numbers in the liability requirement are bodily injury liability limits and the last is for property damage limitations. For underinsured coverage the first number refers to per person amounts and the second is per accident. This is only the minimum required by law, it is probable that this amount will not cover all injuries and faults in any given accident. Every owner and operator of a motor vehicle should evaluate if this minimum is enough coverage for their individual needs.

Any injury such as illness, death, or other injury to a body is termed bodily injury. These things can be the result of a car accident, no matter who is at fault. Property damage is damage to somebodys property. Often times, 3rd parties not physically involved in the accidents can incur property damage. Personal injury coverage is for the driver alone. The uninsured/underinsured coverage is in case of fault by someone who does not have enough coverage. This will insure that the faultless driver is covered for damage to their vehicle, their property, and for their medical expenses.

In all of the previous requirements, the first and second numbers refer to the amounts of coverage per person and per accident respectively. Liability for example- $25000 can be dispersed to one or two people involved in an accident. But, if more than 2 people are hurt, whoever files a claim first will receive funds needed until the fund is exhausted. If the owner or driver is found at fault for the accident, they may be sued for the remainder of the medical bills of those injured.

Insurance is mandated by Kansas law. No proof of insurance (or proof of self insurance) restricts the owner from registering that vehicle. Drivers who are pulled over must show proof of both.

First offenders will result in a $1000 fine. If the fine is ignored, 6 months jail time will be ordered. Second time offenders can be forced to pay up to $2500, lose registration, and have their license revoked.

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