Information On Kentucky Car Insurance

All drivers in the state of Kentucky must be insured in order to drive a motor vehicle. Car insurance in Kentucky is necessary. A recently passed house bill in this state mandates that all Kentucky car insurance companies must electronically report to Kentucky's transportation cabinet and division of motor vehicle licensing whether or not a vehicle is properly insured. In order to register a new car or re register your existing vehicle the owner must submit proof of insurance as well. The electronic reporting will insure that the transportation and licensing departments can keep tabs on whether owners are continuing to keep their vehicles insured properly.

There is no maximum amount of insurance but there is a minimum amount in the state of Kentucky that all vehicle owners/drivers must maintain. Kentucky's minimum requirements are 25/50/10.

The first two numbers are bodily injury liability limits and the last is for property damage limitations. Although this is the minimum required by law, this may not be enough to keep the driver covered in all possible accident scenarios. Each driver should evaluate their needs individually before choosing their own personal coverage. Although it is mandatory that all drivers have car insurance, it is possible that not all drivers will. It is also wise to carry some sort of uninsured or under insured coverage.

Bodily injury can be defined as injury to a body. This includes illnesses, death, or any other personal injury. With regard to car insurance, these things could arise from the result of a car crash or accident. Property damage is just that- damage to someones property. Typically this can result to someone not involved in the car accident at all.

The first number is the maximum amount that injured individuals could receive. The second number is the maximum amount per accident that the policy would pay out. For example, if 2 people are injured they can be covered up to $25000 each. However, if more than 2 people are injured those who file a claim first will get first shot at your insurance funds. If the drive or insurance holder is found liable for the accident, they may be responsible for the remainder of medical costs if the minimum insurance is not enough!

Your insurance company will report once per month as to the status of your insurance in Kentucky. As of January 1, 2006 this process will now happen electronically.

If coverage has lapsed due to non payment for example, the division of motor vehicle licensing will be notified within the next 30 days. At which point, the driver/owner will be contacted in order to correct the problem. No insurance, no registration; and rest assured, that if you're pulled over, you must show proof of both.

To the driver, this means that if insurance is cancelled, they licensing agency will find out quicker then they previously could, this in an effort to maintain that all the cars on the road are insured.

The transportation cabinet at the division of motor vehicles regulations can provide additional information as to the requirements and procedures of car insurance in Kentucky.

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