Life Insurance

Purchasing life insurance is not done because you are expecting something to happen to you, rather, it is for the unforeseen events and accidents that occur when we are not expecting them.

A good life insurance policy can provide money for your family in the event of your death and help to ease some of the strain they will be experiencing financially. It will help them to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table and finding a suitable life insurance policy is something that everyone should consider doing.

Policy premiums will differ depending on the insurance carrier that you choose and different carriers will also have their own specific terms and conditions in relation to providing life insurance cover and also in respect to the payouts if something were to happen to you. Some will require medical health checks, others will not. Each situation is unique so you will need to ensure you find a life insurance carrier that you can trust and feel comfortable with as well.

Insurance90 can help make policy and carrier selection so much easier. Insurance90 works with a number of life insurance carriers to enable everyone to find the right policy for them.

Many policies will not cover you for certain situations such as:

  • Suicide
  • Fraud
  • Riots
  • Civil commotion

However, the majority of policies will cover you for:

  • Death
  • Terminal illness
  • Critical Illness

Depending on the life insurance policy you choose, in the event of your death your beneficiaries may be able to select a lump sum payment or they may choose to be paid a specific amount on an annual basis. These are some of the things that you will need to consider when you are selecting a suitable life insurance policy. A policy that offers some flexibility could be a good idea and could even provide some additional peace of mind for your beneficiaries.

Other options that you may need to think about are permanent life insurance and term life insurance. Term life insurance will cover you for a specified number of years with no payouts at the end once the time has expired. There are more options with permanent life insurance and there are occasions whereby cash can be withdrawn at the end of a specified period.

Insurance90 can help match you to the best life insurance policy and premium for you and your family. Application forms are simple to fill out and the entire process can be completed quite quickly.

Insurance90 is here to help you get the right life insurance cover for the best price so that your loved ones will be well looked after in the unfortunate event of your passing.