Having Oregon Car Insurance Is The Law

Oregon car insurance is the law. To make sure that all drivers are insured, every time a vehicle is registered in the state of Oregon the owner must provide proof of liability before doing so. The state of Oregon also requires the owner of a registered vehicle to obey by certain insurance laws while the vehicle is registered in their name. If no compliance happens then consequences do.

The type of minimum liability an Oregon driver must have is Bodily and Property Damage. This can range from a minimum of $15,000 to $25,000 dollars. There are also other minimum requirements you much have on your vehicle to cover others involved in an accident as well as uninsured motorist. Some vehicles may not have to have these minimum requires but that is case by case and to find out you can contact the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles.

If driving without car insurance and a judge finds you guilty of having no car insurance you will need to file forms to certify that you have purchased Oregon liability and you meet the minimum requirements for coverage. This will need to be done for three years or your driving rights will be taken away for a certain amount of time. If there is an accident and no insurance is shown your driving privileges will be suspended for a year. After that one year is over you may reinstate your driving privileges by filing Proof of future responsibility papers and if you do not do so your driving privileges will remain suspended.

Providing proof of liability if ever stopped for any violation or in an accident is a must in the state of Oregon. Your insurance card will state the same information as seen on your car registration. When you receive your insurance card you should make sure the vehicle identification number, the year and make of your vehicle matches up with the vehicle registration card and make carry these in your vehicle at all times.

There are consequences if no car insurance is purchased in the state of Oregon. You could be fined, the seizing of your vehicle may occur, as well as the suspension of your driving privileges. If any of those happen then the driver is then required to pay the fines accumulated and other fees (your vehicle was towed and stored by the state) that accumulate, for your privileges to be restored. If there is every a problem obtaining insurance you may contact the Department of Motor Vehicles and they may be of further assistance in this.

To make sure everyone is obeying Oregon's car insurance law, the state's Department of Motor Vehicles picks random vehicles and contacts their owners. The owners then must provide the name of the insurance company as well as their policy number. Once the Department of Motor Vehicles has verified the car insurance is valid, nothing more will be done, if you do not comply or respond your driving privileges are taken away for a certain amount of time and you will have to file Proof of Future Responsibility forms to have your driving privileges restored.

If there are questions about obtaining insurance or general questions about insurance, there are resources to help a driver with these. The Oregon Insurance Division is an example. They have many answers to frequently asked questions. They cover issues such as Oregon car insurance requirements, types of coverage, your right to be treated fairly, what to do if you cannot get coverage and how to file a claim. They provide phone numbers and other contact information if they cannot help you with your questions. There are other companies other than the Oregon Insurance Division that may assist you with any further questions.

If you are unsure about how you are going to afford car insurance most insurance companies offer discounts such as good driver, loyalty programs, and if you are a student and receive good grades there are discounts for that as well. Car insurance in the state of Oregon is the law so don't be left out in the cold.

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