Washington DC Car Insurance Helps You Like No Other

Car insurance is one of the most important aspects of vehicle and passenger safety. Washington DC car insurance covers a minimum liability of $25,000 along with single person injury compensation. The maximum liability stretches to $50,000. These damages come under standard compensation coverage along with property damage coverage of $10,000.

However, car insurance in Washington DC is the only place that will also offer coverage for the injured motorist. When you buy an insurance policy in DC, the liability levels for the motorist who is not insured, for his body injuries in the accident can be anywhere between $25,000 to $50,000. If the driver is uninsured, property damage is $5,000 with $200 deducted. It may seem unjust when an insurer pays two times for the same insurance policy, just because a motorist who was uninsured hit you.

Your premiums don't get affected but it is important to know that you must always carry your policy and show it when required by a police officer, regardless of where your policy was issued. Other than this, auto protection in Washington DC is not different from any other and similar factors hold good when calculating your insurance cover.

Even though you may have a lot of insurance to buy and you may be selective in some options but you must never under insure your vehicle if it is new. Otherwise in case of a serious collision, you may end up with a high cost of replacement of lose the car. The statutory liability cover in Washington DC is for third party only. This means that the car owner is not covered in case of a personal injury.

In case you get hospitalized and if you are responsible for the accident, then you have to pay your own medical bills and also pay for repairing the damage to your car. A personal injury protection insurance should take care of your medical expenses while a collision cover will take care of your car repairs.

It is your personal choice to buy these options or not, based on your risk appetite. In case your car is not very expensive, or there is no risk of damage by floods or by untoward incidents like vandalism, theft etc., then you do not need comprehensive insurance cover. This applies not only to Washington DC, but to any place you might live.

If you want to reduce insurance cost, there are some easy things you can do. A car that is fitted with an anti-theft device like a steering lock or a car alarm can get you some discount. Presence of safety devices in your car like ABS, airbags can also get you discount.

Your occupation, where you live and what you use your car for are important factors in deciding the car's insurance price with Washington DC car insurance. There is a discount for you in case you have not made a claim on your past insurance policies. You must remember to negotiate these discounts to get the best deal before you decide to pay the insurance price.

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