Car Insurance
As a sampling of recent questions that asked of our customer service department will attest, there are a lot of variables dealing with auto insurance that the consumer is simply not made aware of, and hardly ever updated regarding. We make every attempt to keep our clients and site visitors informed, so we have posted a couple of these recent questions to help to educate and inform:

How do I know how much insurance is right?

First off, it is important to find out what the legal requirements are for your individual state; although every state has a set of rules and regulations that must be adhered to, no one set of laws pertaining to insurance, govern the entire country - these laws are established independently from state to state, and should be considered on a case by case basis.

After you have found out what your state's requirements are, be sure to make consider whether or not these minimums are enough for you as an individual; you will want to make sure that you have enough coverage for you. If you live in an urban high-traffic area, you are very likely to need more insurance than the guy or gal who lives in a very rural area where the bulk of the traffic that they see on a daily basis is a cow and two horses. Simply put, you will want to determine your degree of exposure to incidents that could cause you any significant financial loss.

Why should I use your site to find my car insurance?

Our site is very rich in information; we have accumulated the vital statistics on the major insurers and made it all easy to understand - so that the average consumer can be enabled to make an educated buying decision. The best consumer is one that has a clear understanding of the product or service they are purchasing.

Take full advantage of the hundreds of man-hours that we have put into constructing our databases and comparative charts. This was all done so that you, the consumer, would be able to get around the double-talk and small print that many insurance companies use to confuse and perplex so many people.

Home Insurance
It's the oldest argument that any insurer and consumer could have... "why do I need it, if nothing's happened in all this time?" Many people like to look at it as an unnecessary evil. Well, of course it's a bit of a tender spot for many who feel that they cant afford the extra expense of insurance, but consider the possible alternatives... Below we address some important points to remember when you consider this age old argument.

Why should I really worry about insuring my home?

The easiest way to answer this question is by determining what you have to lose in the event of a catastrophe & weighing that against what you will pay in simple premiums to cover those things. Starting with your home itself - are you prepared to take the big financial hit, and even face losing your largest asset because you didn't want to spend a little cash on coverage? Even if your home is not appraised for a very large amount, you will still want to be able to be made whole in a short period of time, by having it fully covered.

After considering how the cost of having to replace your home could have severe financial ramifications on your future; take into account what would happen if you also had to replace all of your belongings in the home. Think about the cost of replacing all of your furniture, appliances & electronics, children's toys and even your clothing. A good homeowner's policy would cover all of those things and more.

How do I know if I'm getting a good home insurance rate?

This is where our site truly shines; we have comparison charts and information on a long list of insurers, and we include a laundry list of coverage points - many that you might have never though of when researching individual insurance companies yourself. We have spent countless hours combing through the fine print and the legalese to find out what each company really provides the consumer, and what each insure does not provide. We have cut to the chase, and made it all accessible to you.

Life Insurance
On a daily basis, we get loads of questions, asking about how various types of insurance really make a difference in someone's life. More than any other type of insurance coverage, we are queried on the ins and outs of life insurance. Having been a taboo subject in many homes, until the sad event of being needed; most people just don't realize the inherent value in taking the steps to provide this safety net for their family. To highlight some of the benefits of life insurance, we've added some questions that have been asked - along with out response to these issues:

Isn't life insurance more of an estate-planning thing?

It absolutely is. If you want to provide a method for your family to avoid the embarrassment of having to anxiously search around for financial help after your passing; this is the way to keep them covered. Life insurance is less of a policy for the person buying it - as it is for the people that we leave behind. By obtaining proper life insurance, we protect our loved ones from possible financial hardships from a number of different angles; think of the bills that could possibly be dumped right into their laps, think of the mortgage or rent that could become due at such an inconvenient time. Leaving your family with a little peace of mind is worth the premiums that you will pay -- and many times more valuable.

How difficult is it to get insured?

To put it very briefly; it is not difficult at all. Many insurers do not even require a physical to be conducted. Most will simply have you submit a bit of basic information that will give them the data that they need to make a sufficient review. During their review process, they may have additional questions or points to cover with you, but once the review is over, you will be able to quickly get the protection and coverage that your family really deserves.

Utilizing our site, you can compare policies and see which insurer might be a good fit for you. After that, all you will have to do to get the ball rolling is to submit the necessary information for them to review.