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Peachstate Auto Insurance

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Founded in 1993, Peachstate Auto Insurance is located in Atlanta and offers Georgia residents several kinds of policies and is well-known for handling claims quickly. Consider your driving record, and if you have never had any tickets, Peachstate Auto Insurance is a solid choice for you. But even if you’ve had a few blemishes on your record, Peachstate Auto Insurance also strives to insure drivers who may have a few blemishes on their driving records.

Peachstate Auto Insurance Ratings

Peachstate Auto Insurance provides a variety of insurances for consumers in Georgia including auto, motorcycle, and renter’s insurance. J.D. Powers and Associates consistently lists them as one of the top auto insurance companies for service, reputation, and financial stability. Because they are a smaller insurance company, they pride themselves on providing personalized service to their policyholders. You can see the statements from satisfied customers on their website.

Peachstate Auto Insurance Coverage Options

For any driver in the Peach State, there are many auto insurance coverage options. Here are some of the basic options you will encounter when signing up with Peachstate Auto Insurance.

Several options depend on the level of coverage you require. If you want to have coverage for any accident, you need a minimum auto insurance plan. Georgia does require drivers to carry liability insurance, which Peachstate offers. This protects you if you are found liable for the damages and injuries caused in a car accident.

Comprehensive coverage offers the most flexibility. It costs more than basic liability insurance, but it provides more protection. Comprehensive coverage includes both collision and comprehensive parts and accessories. This is typically the best value for those with auto insurance. If you are the type of driver with more than one car needing insured, you may want to choose a comprehensive policy over the minimum auto insurance coverage required by law. Also, if you owe money on your car and are making payments, you will probably be required by your lender to carry collision and comprehensive insurance.

There are also some Peachstate Auto Insurance discounts you may qualify for if you meet certain requirements. The discounts are based not getting in any accidents, but you may qualify for more discounts if you file for accident forgiveness. You may be able to recover money from the other party’s insurance company through Peachstate Auto Insurance’s liability coverage. They can help you wade through the red tape if you are involved in an accident, whether or not it was your fault.

Peachstate Auto Insurance Contact Information

If you are living in Georgia and want the services of a smaller insurance provider, you can contact Peachstate online and get a quote and see what other satisfied customers have to say. Get a quote and compare.