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Car Insurance Discounts for Public Servants

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Car Insurance for Public Servants: Why You Save

Those who work for local, state, or federal governments are public servants, applying their expertise to improve life for citizens and keep government running smoothly. Many public service jobs involve personal sacrifice for the public good–however one small reward is that sometimes public servants get discounts from restaurants, hotels, and car insurance companies. But what does insurance have to do with public service? It’s simple. Insurance companies know that these employees have solid employment pictures, high levels of responsibility, and a commitment to the greater good, making them desirable customers. When it comes to levels of risk, these employees are a good bet. Public servants pick up these extra savings because they are:

Reason #1

Better Drivers with Fewer Claims

The insurance industry makes good use of actuaries. These professionals perform many duties but their primary task is to assess risk, looking at a wide variety of data to determine the best rates for insurance companies to set for various drivers. Many insurance companies have found that, after combing through historical data that links occupations and driving habits, those who work as public servants tend to have fewer accidents, and as a result, file fewer claims. That means they actually save the insurance company from having to pay out, and that savings is passed along to the public servants in the form of discounts.

Reason #2

Less Risky All Around

There are many reasons those who work in the public sector are much more likely to be a lower insurance risk. Sometimes it’s as simple as age: many public servants stay in their jobs for a long time, making them older drivers who have a great deal of experience behind the wheel. Insurance companies assign risk factors to age, and in this case those who are older have an advantage.

Another example is the low mileage that many public servants put on their personal vehicles. For example, public utility employees, police officers, or postal service employees spend most of their time in workplace-provided vehicles. The more a personal vehicle stays in a parking lot or in the employee’s own driveway, where it’s at minimal risk, the fewer opportunities for accidents and the lower risk the driver presents.

Discounts for Public Servant Drivers

If you’re in public service, no doubt you do a lot for our country and our communities. As a way of recognizing these contribution–and public servants’ overall lower risk as drivers–many insurance companies offer special car insurance discounts to teachers, active duty military, state employees, first responders, and the like. We’ve chosen 10 of these discounts to give you an idea of what’s available. Keep in mind that, when you ask for a quote, you’ll need to let the insurance company know you work in public service.

Firefighter Car Insurance Discount

California Casualty

Despite its name, California Casualty offers insurance to customers in more than 40 states. The company’s focus is on providing great rates and excellent coverage to those who serve their community, such as nurses, teachers, and firefighters. While not a discount per se, California Casualty offers several benefits that aren’t available to anyone else. For example, if a policyholder dies in the line of duty, the his or her family will receive assistance with insurance premiums. You’ll also get a lower deductible on claims that are the result of vandalism to a personal vehicle while on duty.

Occupation Discount

Country Financial

Like many other car insurance providers, Country Financial offers a plethora of discounts to policyholders. One discount to note is the Occupation Discount, which is only available to full-time workers in the following fields: firefighting, law enforcement, emergency medical services, and K-12 teachers. While discounts will vary, these public servants may be eligible for an Occupation Discount as high as 5% off their premiums. 

FOP Insurance Discount

Fraternal Order of Police

The Fraternal Order of Police works to improve the lives and working conditions of police officers in a variety of ways, including providing benefits to members. Offered through a partnership with Liberty Mutual, FOP members can receive a discount on their home and/or auto insurance that may be as much as 12%. FOP members can learn the exact amount of their discount by asking for a quote from Liberty Mutual. 

FLEOA Insurance Discount

Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association

The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) represents the interests of its more than 26,000 members who work in over 65 federal law enforcement agencies. FLEOA works with Travelers Indemnity Company to provide its members with discounts for car, renters, and home insurance. Get the exact amount of the discounts by going online or calling to request a quote.

Educator Advantage

Horace Mann

Since 1945, Horace Mann has been dedicated to insuring teachers across the United States. Besides excellent rates and superb coverage and service, Horace Mann also offers the Educator Advantage. Teachers are eligible for the following benefits: full replacement cost for a totaled vehicle, up to $35 for transportation costs to get home if a policyholder can’t drive themselves home safely, no deductible for losses that occur on or near school property, and up to $1,000 in personal property coverage if education-related property is stolen from their car. 

Teachers’ Auto Insurance Benefits

Liberty Mutual

If you’re a teacher in an eligible state, you can apply for auto coverage from Liberty Mutual. While the exact benefits and discounts depend on your driving history, where you live, and other risk factors, you may qualify for the following: no deductible if the vehicle is vandalized at school, up to $2,500 in personal property coverage if teaching materials or school-owned property is stolen or damaged while stored in an insured vehicle, and no deductible if the car is damaged in an accident that occurs while you are on school business.

GEBA Member Discount

Government Employees’ Benefit Association

The Government Employees’ Benefit Association (GEBA) was originally founded to provide supplemental insurance benefits to National Security Agency employees. Today, GEBA has expanded its membership to more than 17,000 federal workers to help them meet their financial goals. Members gain access to affordable vision, dental, life, disability, travel, and long-term insurance options, as well as discount insurance programs for their car and home insurance needs. To learn about discounts through GEBA, go online or call to request a quote.

Military Car Insurance from Esurance


While Esurance policies aren’t exclusive to active duty military or their immediate family members, the company offers several benefits specific to military policy holders. One of the biggest is that active duty military personnel can cancel their policies while deployed to save on premiums that won’t be needed when their vehicle is stored in a garage. Once they return from active duty, they won’t face a penalty for having a lapse in coverage when they reinstate their car insurance coverage.

USAA Car Insurance for Military, Spouses, and Children


Available only to members of the U.S. military and their children and spouses, USAA has superb coverage and service, with premiums that are often well below the average price. That built-in military discount combined with simple and seamless handling of claims makes USAA a top choice for insurance since 1922. 

Eagle Discount


Government Employee Insurance Company (GEICO) is well-known for its gecko spokesperson. GEICO started out by offering insurance products only to federal employees but eventually opened its car insurance policies to the public. GEICO hasn’t forgotten its roots, though, and offers a variety of discounts based on a policyholder’s membership in an organization for federal employees or status as a federal employee. For instance, the Eagle Discount is open to active or returned federal employees with a rank of GS-7 or higher. The discount varies for each policyholder; to learn how much you could save, contact GEICO to request a quote

Other Ways for Public Servants to Save on Car Insurance

Though some companies offer discounts specifically for public servants, don’t stop there; you may find other discounts that apply to your situation as well. For instance, if you don’t drive your personal vehicle much because you use an employer-provided vehicle for work, you might benefit from a low mileage or low use discount. Here are some of the options to consider that could save you even more. 


Bundling is offered by practically every insurance company. Also known as a loyalty discount, it kicks in when you have multiple insurance policies (such as home, car, and life) with the same insurance company. Though bundling can provide a nice discount, the savings go even deeper when you add a public servant discount on top of the bundling. 

Electric Vehicle 

A relatively new discount, this one is for you if you drive an electric or, in some cases, hybrid vehicle. The discount provides an incentive for choosing an eco-friendly option.

Low Mileage

As mentioned above, if you work in a public service position you may use an employer-provided vehicle to perform your work duties. This is especially true of police officers, first responders, firefighters, and others who work for the public good. As a result, the mileage on your personal vehicle can be quite low. If that’s the case, check out the the low mileage discounts offered by various insurance companies for those who don’t drive their personal vehicles as often.

Good Student

Are you a public servant who is thinking about going back to school to complete a degree or heading to grad school to get the education necessary to move into a higher position? The good student discount is available for those who are enrolled as degree-seeking students. Though some companies have an age limit on this discount, others don’t. Look into it to see how much you can save while going back to school. 

Defensive Driving

Some insurance companies offer a discount on car insurance for those who present proof of completing a defensive driving course. In some states, insurance companies are mandated to provide the discount, so you don’t even have to ask for it. Simply present the certificate or other proof of completion and the discount is yours. 

Accident Free

The fewer accidents on your record, the better your insurance rates will be. Research by insurance companies over the years has found that those who work in public service positions have better driving records than the typical driver. That means accident-free discounts are definitely something to ask about.

Full Payment Discount

One of the advantages of working in the public sector, especially as a government employee, is knowing when your paycheck will show up in your bank account and how much that check will be. That makes paying car insurance in full, as a one-time annual payment, easier to budget. If that’s an option for you, a full payment discount can save you a good percentage off the total price of your insurance policy. 

Wise Vehicle Choice

Choosing a certain type of vehicle leads to lower insurance rates. For instance, the cost to insure a family-style sedan or minivan typically is lower than insuring a sports car. If you work in the public sector you might actually need a vehicle that provides more space, such as a teacher-coach who needs a minivan to hold essentials. Choosing one of those “family friendly” vehicles can mean extra savings. 

Union or Organization Discounts 

Depending on your profession, you might be eligible to join a professional organization or a union. These organizations often provide plenty of perks for dues-paying members, and sometimes that includes discounts on car insurance. Ask your professional organization or union if they partner with a particular insurance company to offer discounts for members in good standing. 

Child Away at College 

When you send your kid away to college, they might not take their vehicle, especially if that college is across the nation or even the world. Why continue to pay the regular insurance rates on a vehicle that doesn’t have a young driver behind the wheel every day? This discount is for those who send their child off to college and have their child’s vehicle sitting in the driveway. As soon as your child leaves the nest, contact your insurance agent to learn how much this big life change can save your bottom line.